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Glass Processing Machine

Established in 2016, Second Hand Glass Processing Machine(China) CO.,LTD. engage to provide clients all over the world one stop purchase service of glass processing equipment with reasonable cost. Not only glass cutting machine, or water jet, edge grinding machine, washing machine, but also glass tempering furnace equipment. Customer’s satisfaction is our act standards. Response to customer’s problem within 24 hours once get it. Our team, with more than 10 years experience of working, can solve your doubt with integration, what kinds of machine your factory has.

Why we provide second hand glass processing machine, without news? Is it a cheat?

Most of you will think about it is a cheat. But as you know, so many factories in china, and the economy of real estate development is slow. So that thousand of small factories going to shut down.

We are not only provide glass processing machine to you, but also suggest you how to make the machine that in your factory works with high efficiency. Once we sign the purchase contract with you, we will offer you service forever, including science and technology skill service.

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